Ofgem riio ed1 business plan

While most express no preference for More than half of Engaged Electricity Consumers say that the maximum number of Fewer longer planned outages preferable to more short ones on the network. We will improve the visual amenity of our landscapes by undergrounding an additional 80km of overhead power lines.

We face a challenging and increasingly unpredictable future but we are confident that our plan prepares us well to face it.

Ofgem lower the cost of equity for RIIO ED1

So just in terms of — I just want to ask the hedges. System Planning will assess the feasibility of these changes and report the results along with the associated costs. We are committing to deliver all of this with a level of customer service excellence which will set a new benchmark for our industry.

Engaged customers have been made aware of how reliable their existing electricity willing to pay extra to reduce the duration of power cuts. We need Ofgem to agree to certain license condition changes to enable this.

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Is further engagement needed on any specific areas. We are up to the challenges, though. To achieve limited assurance the ISAE requires that we review the processes, systems and competencies used to compile the areas on which we provide assurance. A transmission project for example could last 8 years, so graduates may find themselves scratching the surface of the overall picture.

After 23 years of service, the failure left customers being supplied via back-up power generation in Bowmore, Islay. We are investing to support and enable the transition to a low carbon future and doing everything we can to reduce our own Business Carbon Footprint and losses across our network.

These services include diversion costs where we have to move our assets, where a customer wishes to move their meter position, and revenue protection activities to combat the theft of electricity. In most cases, willingness to pay decreased once a cost was attached. Well, just fine — and maybe just to make sure I answer the question.

These alterations can vary from future reinforcements to added generation. And then, just one follow-up for Vince. So what changed in terms of reducing your growth rate expectations.

This will be followed by the submission in July of the electricity distribution network operators submission of their Business Plans. New report on efficiency and 'frontier shift' First Economics has produced a new report on the rate of 'frontier shift' affecting regulated companies' costs.

RPI is based on a broad range of goods and services which represent the average purchasing habits of the population. In rocky and harder areas, the concrete mattresses would be used to cover the cable, protecting it from anchors etc. Options and decisions There are a number of ways we can deliver performance and service improvements.

Financeability First Economics has today published a new report on the subject of financeability. We will develop enhanced services for major connections customers and provide our services in a fully competitive connections market.

Ofgem lower the cost of equity for RIIO ED1

Moving to slide 3, our agenda for this morning begins with highlights of our first quarter results, and a brief review of regulatory developments in the UK.

We believe this is an important signal of support for UK regulation, which we continue to view as one of the premier jurisdictions.

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Our RIIO-ED1 business plan will take us from “top third” LPN DPCR5 expenditure LPN RIIO-ED1 Plan Ofgem RIIO-ED1 DD LPN Ofgem propose Load related expenditure •More reinforcement is required in ED1 as economic growth returns •UKPN submitted 47 schemes for London and Ofgem are yet to review 14 of these schemes.

the efficiency of NIE Networks’ distribution expenditure proposed under its business plan. Benchmarking is a standard technique used by regulators to assess expenditure and to set efficiency challenges for regulated companies.

Each DNO is required to submit to Ofgem a detailed plan for the RIIO-ED1 period and beyond. This plan should demonstrate how it will deliver in the interests of both existing and future consumers and how they will meet the challenges associated with Assessment of the RIIO-ED1 business plans.

2 Ofgem () Assessment of the RIIO-ED1 Business Plans, Ofgem () RIIO-ED1: Draft determinations for the slow- track electricity distribution companies, Company Business Plans 3 Ofgem () RIIO-ED1: Draft determinations for the slow-track electricity distribution companies, p Ofgem RIGs Data Tables Welcome to the document library for our RIIO ED1 business plan () Here you will find our main business plan documents for UK Power Networks (UKPN) group, as well as our individual East of England (EPN), London (LPN) and South East (SPN) networks documentation.

EFFICIENCY INNOVATION SERVICE SAFETY 2 This document is part of the RIIO -ED1 Business Plan of Southern Electric Power Distribution plc (SEPD) and Scottish Hydro.

DNOs still able to 'game the system' under RIIO Ofgem riio ed1 business plan
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